Afro Hair Growth: 5 Tips To Grow Healthier, Thicker, Longer Hair Fast

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Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow but we have to take good care of it and certainly can't take it for granted as things can and do go wrong. Here are some of the common reasons why women look for afro hair growth tips:

My hair is not growing fast enough

We've all been there. The frustration when your haircare regimen is just not giving you the results you expected and you just don't understand why. Don't give up, carry on reading, help is at hand! 

I need to regrow my hair after hair loss

Apart from alopecia, medical conditions like cancer, blood pressure medications like acne treatments, steroids and antifungals also have a hand in hair loss. This is simply unavoidable until the dosage is done but you can get back on track when the treatment is complete. Bad haircare practices can also lead to hair loss. 

So how can you get fast hair growth

These 5 tips can help you regrow hair after having lost it,  prevent further hair loss, or grow healthier, thicker, longer hair to meet your hair goals.

  1. Have a consistent haircare routine

Consistent haircare routine

A hair care routine could be the solution you have been looking for. In order to be more aggressive about it, document the journey. Whether a journal or video documentation, ensure that you have a regimen that works for you. Opt for natural shampoos, no parabens, sulphates or alcohols. Deep condition at least weekly, moisturize and seal.

While we are on moisturizing, include a good hair growth oil and massage it in your scalp for a few minutes. This stimulates blood flow to the scalp motivating hair follicles to grow.

  1. Diet and nutrition

Hair growth diet and nutrition

Hair is a reflection of how healthy your body is. The fact is, when you are healthy, hair flourishes effortlessly. This is mostly because of what you eat every day. Include nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fatty fish, lean meats, eggs, fruits and feel free to boost your immune with good vitamins and supplements.

Vitamins and supplements however, are not to be taken as substitutes for health eating. They are solely meant to add a boost to the immune.

  1. Satin is your friend

Hair is prone to breakage and damage from the elements. Line your hats with satin to protect hair from direct sunlight and other elements. Remember to also sleep in a satin bonnet or scarf. This helps protect hair from cotton pillowcases which dry hair out by draining all the moisture from hair. They further (cotton pillowcases) aggravate the hair by causing friction which leads to frizz and breakage. Full Bloom Beauty's Secure Hair Turban is lined with high grade satin material, protecting your hair while also looking stylish. 


  1. Embrace Moisture

Embrace Moisture

Water is by far the only solvent that is responsible for life. Keep up with your water intake. This ensures that hair is hydrated from the inside while flushing out any unwanted toxins from the body. Keep in mind that water is also a great moisturizer. Spritz some water on hair if it appears too dry, add a bit of leave-in conditioner for added moisture, or simply shower without a plastic cap and let steam moisturize your hair. Full Bloom Beauty's products for dry hair  are great for locking in moisture and reducing dryness, resulting in softer, shinier hair.

  1. Protective styling

Protective style

Be very intentional with protective styling. Avoid very tight styles, if possible, do your own hair. If you cannot do your hair, do not be shy to tell your hairdresser what and how you want your hair done. Remember that most hair is lost in the take down process. Be very gentle when taking down your styles, use the right detangling brushes, and do not detangle dry hair.

Hair Growth Bonus Tip

Hair care is one of the best kind of self-care. Invest in the right tools (detangling brushes, denman brushes, deep conditioning caps, clips and silk scrunchie). The right products (shampoos, deep conditioners, protein treatments, moisturizers, oils and butters).

Do not criticize or complain about your hair no matter what. Hair plays a huge role on self-acceptance so just remember that it is an extension of what you project. Be kind. Be gentle. Enjoy and embrace your hair journey. You got this!

Need help getting started or not sure what products and routine will work best for your hair? Full Bloom Beauty's hair coaching service can guide you on your hair growth journey.

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