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Fantastic oil

This oil is really good and i love the smell of it, i can see a little change in my hair, i am going to order more that will be my third bottle, thanks for this amazing growth oil

Amazing Product

I saw the product on Instagram and decided to give it a go.
Although, it says 2-3 times a week but I applied it daily with amazing results, thank you so much.
Buying another one

Haven’t seen any results yet


Nice oil good for the hair

This beard oil has made all the difference

In the past, I found it really difficult to grow out my beard because it grew unevenly and always got very dry and bristly. My wife gifted me Groom beard oil and it has made all the difference. My beard is growing out more evenly and stays moisturised for longer with a lovely shiny finish. My wife is pleased with the results too 😊


Wow what a fantastic product.
Just purchased another bottle.

As described

Seeing results already recommended to work colleagues as well. Literally as described and presented works like a miracle my edges are growing back as fast as they disappeared🫣🫣🫣🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Awesome product

I have spent money buying g hair products to grow my edges but none has been able to help. I saw this Annoint on Instagram and I said to give it a trial.i have been using it but felt some hair are gradually growing until my husband told me my edges are growing! Was so happy and I kept applying daily. I give Annoint 100% pass mark!

Miracle Worker

Wooooow, this product!! I've tried lots of various hair growth products but to no avail. When I came across this product, I thought I'd give it a go but never expected to see any results.

But my goodness was I wrong. My hair is ACTUALLY growing. Thr middle of my hair started thinning and got so bad that I yhought I had alopecia. I luv this product, it smells great and moat importantly it works.

My current bottle is almost finished so I will be buying it again.

Thank you for creating a product that actually grows back hair.

Flourish Duo
Rosemarie Hylton-Bennett

I am using the products for 3weeks now, so no obvious result seen as yet.
I am giving myself more time.

Pure Magic

This!!!! I am so obsessed with it! It’s my best of the set, my breakage has drastically reduced since I started prepooing with it.

It also makes detangling waaayyyyy easier.

A super great product

I used the shampoo and I love how it wasn’t stripping. It left my hair looking all so shiny.
Would definitely recommend!!!

Clarifying and moisturising!!

This set is so great for those deep cleans! The shampoo provides a great gentle clarifying cleanse which is better than using a clarifying shampoo with sulphates. And the conditioner just gave my hair all the TLC my hair didn’t even know it needed. Honestly the conditioner was just amazing.

At last, Shampoo & Conditioner duo that works.

Aging has not been kind to my hair, don't get me wrong, I love my age but not my hair. I've moaned to friends about my coarse frizzy hair that has become increasingly difficult to manage, I dread each time I comb or brush my hair after washing because I loose a good bit and am always hunting for ways to make it look right.

Recently, I was gifted gifted a set of Full Bloom Beauty Shower Duo - Shampoo & Conditioner and I am pleasantly surprised at how my coarse frizzy hair now looks and feels after just a few weeks of use!

The Cleanse Shampoo feels rich and the Restore Conditioner leaves my hair smooth and relatively frizz-free. Their combined moisturising formula repairs and makes hair feel stronger, shinier and bouncy, most importantly I am seeing much less hair loss now after combing or brushing.
The shampoo and conditioner are both Sulphate and Paraben free so the 'earthy' side of me is also satisfied!

At last, I am super excited to show off my new healthy hair and whole heartedly recommend the Full Bloom Beauty Shower Duo - truly a game changer for wash days!

A definite 5 stars from me!

Love this cleanse and restore duo, they do exactly as they say on the tin! 🙌🏾 The shampoo isn’t too heavy but still thoroughly cleansed both my hair and scalp really well! Conditioner is SOOO moisturising, the best I’ve used actually, thick and creamy exactly how a good conditioner should be. My curls looked and felt so hydrated the following day once dry! Will definitely be staying on my bath side. Love love love!!

I saw your products on Instagram and fell in love with the comments so I bought the Anoint oil. I just started using it but can't give any review now.

This is Magic

Best thing that I ever put on my hair. I bought the sealing Duo with the hair butter and sealing oil. Made my curls bounce, my hair had a serious shine (advertisement like shine not oil shine) and was super soft (as if I applied heat to it). I am in love. Also, my hair is low-porosity so almost everything weighs it down. This didn’t.

Tip: rub butter between your hands to warm it up before you apply it on strands and put sealing oil container in a bowl with boiled water to heat it.

Fantastic product!

This had done wonders for my hair its almost miraculous! I went from have virtually no hair on my hairline to a thick and long hairline, almost to the same length as the rest of my hair. Would most certainly recommend!

Moisturised & Stronger Hair

My 16 yo's hair is naturally dry.
By day-7 her hair needs deep hydrating, conditioning & moisture. "FORTIFY" is used with Aunt Jackie's conditioner.
* Picture-1 shows her hair after 7-days - just BEFORE wash day
* Picture-2 shows her hair today before going to school. She wets it and adds a mixture of the hair leave-in conditioners and the "Protect Hair Oil".

My Hair is relaxed and is therefore weaker
I wash my hair once a week and I use FORTIFY with Aunt Jackie's conditioners - with a heated cap.
During the week I use PROTECT Hair Oil with argan oil by ORS (which is a lighter oil).
I only use the HAIR BUTTER between weeks 6-8 of new hair growth. I relax my hair on week-8. During weeks 1-7, I find the butter too rich for my hair.
* Picture-3 shows my hair after using FULL BLOOM products - after 1-week
* Picture-4 shows my hair after 12-weeks, with regular 2-months trims.
* Picture-5 shows new growth to thinned hair-line - after 12-weeks.

My hairdresser has commented on my hair looking and feeling much healthier since using FULL BLOOM's hair products. I see my hairdresser every 2-months.

Great customer service and prompt delivery & I recommend Full Bloom's hair products.
I would recommend that you place FORTIY Hair Protein in the fridge to maintain the integrity of the ingredients.

Growth Duo
Ayomide Aluko
Blooming edges

I got the anoint hair growth oil &deliverance oil for my edges which was almost becoming bald, it started blooming in few works like magic 🥰

These hair products are amazing! I can see a difference in my hair, especially my edges. My hair is in much better condition too! It's getting much thicker and healthier! Thank you Full Bloom!

Growth Duo
Michelle Olufeso
Very happy

Hair texture improved. Curl definition enhanced. The hair to the touch is less dry and areas with patches are closing up. No kidding.


The bonnet is just perfect! I can sleep and wake up without worrying about lack of moisture for a few days ("few days" 'cause I definitely have to moisturise my hair as part of my healthy hair routine).

Ultimate Bloom Set

The Embrace Hair Butter has consistently helped prevent and moisturise dry scalp and hair, while the Protect oil locks in moisture, giving my hair a shiny look for days, especially this winter.

Deliverance always gives this smooth feel when washing my hair. Not sure how, but my hair retains some moisture even in my hair towel after co-conditioning it with Fortify, which is perfect for me. That way, I can easily twist my hair without battling dryness.
Thank you for making these products!!❤❤❤

Get yourself fortify protein

Fortify works like magic my beautiful people so I am pleading to get yourself one and thank me later if your hair breaks or shrinks worry no more cause fortify got you. I hv used just twice and see the results