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Love it 💕

Very very impressed.

I wanted to give it a week after using the product so see how it would hold up but I must say I’m impressed. I used a tablespoon of fortify in the hair mask I made for my hair. At the time I didn’t notice any difference as my hair always feels fantastic after after I put aloe in it but one week and one wash day on my hair is noticeably different to my hand. I have high porosity hair and this has definitely made my hair less prone to breakage.May or may not be related but I’ve also not felt a need to add cream to my hair just liquid and oil a as my hair feels very supple and my curls have amazing spring back. I would recommend this to anyone considering.

Liquid Gold

I’ve been into Ayurvedic herbs for a few months now and ordered this to support my hair goals. It left my hair feeling so soft and I’ve seen a huge difference with my length retention. I’ve also been using it on my daughters hair and the results have been AMAZING as her split ends have significantly reduced

It’s working!

I’ve only been using Anoint for two weeks and can already see such a big difference.
My hair was thinning but has started filling out now.
Really happy with the results.

Excellent products

Hair change for the better!

I have been natural for several years, however, I have had difficulty finding the “right it” that would help my hair, and ease management until Full Bloom products. Bisola was kind to meet via video chat and patiently walk me through all the products. I started using them a few months ago, and the positive difference is crystal clear! I am no longer anxious about how my hair will turn out!


I am very pleased with my hair products and my family and I can see significant changes

Very impressed

I am very impressed with the positive changes to my hair line and hair itself. It looks very healthy and thicker than it was previously.

Essential for pre-existing hair shedding

Used Fortify,mixed with my regular conditioner to help strengthen my hair.Used twice since my purchase and its helping reduce shedding between washes.Recommend to any one looking for home protein hair treatments.

Essential for pre-existing hair shedding

I thought I would try this after reading the list of ingredients and reviews.Used twice overnight before washing and l can say it has really helped in strengthening my hair.Less shedding and I'm feeling confident I've found a product that will help produce some growth that I've been wishing for.

Anoint hair oil

I have found this hair oil to be just what my hair needs. I have just started my second bottle and there has been a marked improvement in my hair growth, especially the edges. I would definitely recommend this product.

Anoint stimulating growth oil

I have been using the anoint stimulating oil for 3weeks, i have extensions so have been using in my scalp. It makes my hair nice & soft & smells lovely, when i take out my extensions will see how much growth there is.

I finally got my Edges back!

My edges have been through a lot!!! Braids, weaves, wigs, sleek bun, sleek ponytail, #SadeAdu, *orisirisi (all sorts)… I was getting worried when it seemed like it won’t grow back.
I started using hair dye sprays and looking like those dudes at the barbers that would dye their hair line before the fiction… 👀
Then my Abba Father blessed @arralista with the components and mixtures for the best hair oils and today I’m grateful to say I am a testimony of the efficiency of @fullbloombeautyuk products! 🙌🏾💃🏽👌🏾
I can now go out with my cornrows (that I love) and not feel like people in front of me would think I have *gorimapa (skin cut).
Please if you have hair growth and moisture *wahala (issues), just go and order now and thank me later💝

Ps… please @arralista can you do for lashes too?

Embrace - Hair Butter
Patsy Mounter
Embrace cream

It is what you say it is. I am natural hair in a small Afro. I don't always twist or plate my hair at night but I do wear my head scarf, my hair is soft in the mornings, just a quick comb out and my hair is prefect and the smell is lovely.

Anoint Oil

I absolutely love this Aniont oil. I've been using thiis product for over a month now and my edges are slowly returning and the smell is just amazing. Thank yoi so much!

Blossom Trio
Patsy Mounter

I start using the Bloom Trio at the beginning of June using the The Anoint & Protect daily but I am still hopeful to see my edges return. I wash my hair every 2 weeks to use the deliverance.

Secure - Luxurious Satin Turban Bonnet
Aibiokunla Osunde-Ogbebor
Sleek and Comfortable

Love this turban as it is very trim - No bulk at all -, very comfortable , stays on all night and stylish. I got the black for myself and the gold for MIL. She absolutely loves it. I also use it during the day to stop myself from fiddling with my hair. keeps my hair well protected.

Ultimate Bloom Set
Aibiokunla O.

Ultimate bloom set - Package was beautifully packed and arrived promptly. I absolutely love every thing in this set. I have been using it for a few months and I can see a noticeable difference in the texture and feel of my hair, hair feels stronger, moisturised and retains its curl pattern with minimal frizz days after washing. Complete routine for my hair care, would definitely recommend!!

Thank you for your prompt sending of my order and for checking up on how I'm finding your product. I have to admit, it is not really working for me, I think my problem is hormone related as I am in my late 50's and well into menopause and I don't think the loss of my edges can be helped by massage as I have been massaging for a whole now and instead of seeing growth, the hair just continues to get thinner. But your products do smell nice.

Hair growth

I have felt a difference in my hair growing but I am still awaiting to see if my edges have grown as it is to early to tell.

Flourish Duo
Nneka Henry
Game changer

Wow! I love this product!
I was able to grow back my edges within a month using this product. I have very dry hair so need to hydrate daily. I just add a few drops into some water and spray on my hair and my kids hair evey day....done! Am able to keep my super dry hair moisturized with little effort daily. Also a little goes a long way so your getting your money's worth. I will recommend this product and will continue to use this as part of my hair care routine.

Amazing product

Been using this product for my daughter for over a month now and it’s been amazing!! This seems to be the l my product that keeps her hair so moist! Thank you!!!

Great products

I bought the ultimate bloom set and I absolutely love my products. They smell really good and feel nice on the hands and hair. I thoroughly enjoyed the initial consultation as well, I was given all the tips I need to use the products and manage my hair. I’ll certainly be purchasing again :)

I have been using this product for 2 months now and i have seen great results my hairline is growing back will definitely purchase another one and highly recommend it 👍

Sealing Duo
Herero In Uk
Hair oil and hair butter

I have used these products a little over a month now and I am IMPRESSED! First of all I did not expect much as I thought it’s a small business! But boyyyyyyyyy they exceeded my expectations! Beyond and above! I first switched the products and when I was told how to use them correctly, it’s like I unlocked the potential of the products! I can use this products any day! If you have not started using it then I telling you, YOU ARE DEPRIVING YOUR HAIR!