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I'm on my third bottle of Anoint and will continue to use it. t did wonders for my edges which were damaged from back to back braids and mistreatment. I also really love the Deliverance Pre-Poo and Hot Oil treatment. Does a great job of preventing moisture loss when washng after taking out braids that have been in for a long time. I completely recommend (does wonders when kept in overnight).

Groom - Beard Oil
Kamar Hassan
A Must-Have for Black Men with Beards

As a black man with a beard, I've always struggled to find beard oil that works well for my hair type and skin tone. Many beard oils are too heavy and greasy, and they can leave my beard looking dull and my skin feeling irritated.

I was gifted a bottle of the Full Bloom Groom Beard Oil, and I've been so happy with the product.

This beard oil is lightweight and non-greasy, and it absorbs quickly into my beard without leaving any residue. It also has a nice scent that isn't too overpowering. More importantly, it has made a big difference in the health of my beard and skin. My beard feels softer, shinier, and less prone to itching. My skin also feels more hydrated and less irritated.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for high quality beard oil.

Ultimate Bloom Set
Nyarai Makona

My hair was badly damaged and I can see the change though it’s progressing very slowly.

My order came very quickly

I have been using for more than a month and my hair is starting to get fuller I will purchase again

Sealing Duo - Moisture Sealant Oil & Hair Butter
Maria Barros
Sealing dou

Nice smell ,I noticed less breakage and my hair is much more softer very happy with the results so far

Sealing Duo - Moisture Sealant Oil & Hair Butter
Olayinka Mosadomi
Gorgeous smell

Absolutely loving the protect hair oil. Smells gorgeous and my hair is shinning and moist.

I wasn't expecting Embrace butter to be semi-solid but you get used to it as it melts between the palms and disappears when worked into the hair.

My hair is no longer dry and is now very manageable. Loving the combo

My hair is growing. I love it

Still waiting to see changes

Been using product for more than 2 months and still waiting to see progress. Smells really nice.

I’m still using it, but so far I see some improvement.


This product is working its magic on my hair though slowly. I am on the second bottle now and I can see the difference. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures below. We'll done Anoint hair growth oil.

Got my product and I love it. Have started using it

Great Results

I'm not into my hair as I should be, and have over processed it at times. I have had braids and it pulled my edges out, but using this my edges are back and my hair has grown.

Brilliant Product, my edges of my hair are starting to grow back after 3 weeks. Love this product

Excellent Products that work

I started using the Anoint Oil in June. I had developed a thin patch on the crown of my head. I've been using the oil for three months on the patch and my hair is growning back and is thicker in that area. My hairdresser was impressed with the amount of growth that she saw. There is a visible improvement. I wish that I'd taken a before picture. I will continue to use it and recommend it.

Love the packaging I pray it works on my edge

I am yet to see a visible difference. However I am still patiently applying it hoping for the best.

This oil really works

My edges have grown back thicker. My hair is healthier. The products smell amazing. I've bought the growth oil, pre-poo oil, butter and the LOC oil twice now.

Excellent products

Just finished the bottle that I purchased

I have just finished the bottle that I purchased. The oil has a lovely aroma and I like how easy it was to administer to the needed areas of my scalp and edges. I haven't seen massive progress but I'm not sure what the results should be after using one bottle.

Very good products

I have been using these products for about 3 months now and I am really happy with the result. Finally getting my edges back. Thank you

It didn’t help my hair loss. I don’t like the smell.

Thank you!!

I started using Anointed 2 months ago, on my edges and bald patch. I am so blessed to be using this product. Still have a, way to go, but so far so good. I would recommend this product 100%.

It's work a bit for me and I will order again to improve.

This is perfect!!!! It worked wonders. I do not regret purchasing and i am definitely, DEFINITELY returning for more!