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Moisturised & Stronger Hair

My 16 yo's hair is naturally dry.
By day-7 her hair needs deep hydrating, conditioning & moisture. "FORTIFY" is used with Aunt Jackie's conditioner.
* Picture-1 shows her hair after 7-days - just BEFORE wash day
* Picture-2 shows her hair today before going to school. She wets it and adds a mixture of the hair leave-in conditioners and the "Protect Hair Oil".

My Hair is relaxed and is therefore weaker
I wash my hair once a week and I use FORTIFY with Aunt Jackie's conditioners - with a heated cap.
During the week I use PROTECT Hair Oil with argan oil by ORS (which is a lighter oil).
I only use the HAIR BUTTER between weeks 6-8 of new hair growth. I relax my hair on week-8. During weeks 1-7, I find the butter too rich for my hair.
* Picture-3 shows my hair after using FULL BLOOM products - after 1-week
* Picture-4 shows my hair after 12-weeks, with regular 2-months trims.
* Picture-5 shows new growth to thinned hair-line - after 12-weeks.

My hairdresser has commented on my hair looking and feeling much healthier since using FULL BLOOM's hair products. I see my hairdresser every 2-months.

Great customer service and prompt delivery & I recommend Full Bloom's hair products.
I would recommend that you place FORTIY Hair Protein in the fridge to maintain the integrity of the ingredients.

Growth Duo
Ayomide Aluko
Blooming edges

I got the anoint hair growth oil &deliverance oil for my edges which was almost becoming bald, it started blooming in few works like magic 🥰

These hair products are amazing! I can see a difference in my hair, especially my edges. My hair is in much better condition too! It's getting much thicker and healthier! Thank you Full Bloom!

Growth Duo
Michelle Olufeso
Very happy

Hair texture improved. Curl definition enhanced. The hair to the touch is less dry and areas with patches are closing up. No kidding.


The bonnet is just perfect! I can sleep and wake up without worrying about lack of moisture for a few days ("few days" 'cause I definitely have to moisturise my hair as part of my healthy hair routine).

Ultimate Bloom Set

The Embrace Hair Butter has consistently helped prevent and moisturise dry scalp and hair, while the Protect oil locks in moisture, giving my hair a shiny look for days, especially this winter.

Deliverance always gives this smooth feel when washing my hair. Not sure how, but my hair retains some moisture even in my hair towel after co-conditioning it with Fortify, which is perfect for me. That way, I can easily twist my hair without battling dryness.
Thank you for making these products!!❤❤❤

Get yourself fortify protein

Fortify works like magic my beautiful people so I am pleading to get yourself one and thank me later if your hair breaks or shrinks worry no more cause fortify got you. I hv used just twice and see the results

Awesome Oil, DELIVERS!

I can’t say enough good things about this oil. Suffering from traction alopecia and have tried so many different products. This one actually delivers! Great smell and delivery dropper. Will definitely repurchase for both myself and my daughter.

Regrowth & Edges coming back

I purchased Anoint stimulating hair growth for my niece as I noticed the regrowth & edges of her loc’s were coming through very fine & this was a concern for me as her hair has been growing beautifully since I started her on her loc journey 2 years ago. My niece started using Anoint in September within 8 weeks the difference in her regrowth has been a positive slowly but surely her hair is getting thicker. Thank You 🙏🏽 Full Bloom 💋

Sealing Duo
oluremi olufeagba
Instant Results

Before using Embrace my hair is natural and tough, not easy to comb through.

As soon as I washed and towel dry my hair, I used some Embrace all through my hair. It was super easy to comb through with no pain😁😁.
Love it and it smell great too💃🏽💃🏽.

Ultimate Bloom Set
Eleanor Alexis
We are getting there

I've been trying to grow back my edges since 2000. I have tried all products that you can imagine. I started using Full Bloom about 4 weeks ago and Boom my edges are coming thru nicely. Being natural is a journey that is exhausting but full bloom makes me look forward to a wash day. My hair care is getting too where I want it to be. I will certainly continue using and review again in a couple months

It works

In May 2021, I lost a section of my hair ( second picture). Didn’t know what caused it, so decided to stop using all hair products. I started using Anoint in June and by October my hair has grown back (first picture).

Sealing Duo
Chevonne Edwards
Super soft hair

These products leave my hair so managable and very soft. I found it difficult to find products that moisturise my hair but this definitely does that! Also the butter is great for twist outs too.


Love it 💕

Very very impressed.

I wanted to give it a week after using the product so see how it would hold up but I must say I’m impressed. I used a tablespoon of fortify in the hair mask I made for my hair. At the time I didn’t notice any difference as my hair always feels fantastic after after I put aloe in it but one week and one wash day on my hair is noticeably different to my hand. I have high porosity hair and this has definitely made my hair less prone to breakage.May or may not be related but I’ve also not felt a need to add cream to my hair just liquid and oil a as my hair feels very supple and my curls have amazing spring back. I would recommend this to anyone considering.

Liquid Gold

I’ve been into Ayurvedic herbs for a few months now and ordered this to support my hair goals. It left my hair feeling so soft and I’ve seen a huge difference with my length retention. I’ve also been using it on my daughters hair and the results have been AMAZING as her split ends have significantly reduced

It’s working!

I’ve only been using Anoint for two weeks and can already see such a big difference.
My hair was thinning but has started filling out now.
Really happy with the results.

Excellent products

Hair change for the better!

I have been natural for several years, however, I have had difficulty finding the “right it” that would help my hair, and ease management until Full Bloom products. Bisola was kind to meet via video chat and patiently walk me through all the products. I started using them a few months ago, and the positive difference is crystal clear! I am no longer anxious about how my hair will turn out!


I am very pleased with my hair products and my family and I can see significant changes

Very impressed

I am very impressed with the positive changes to my hair line and hair itself. It looks very healthy and thicker than it was previously.

Essential for pre-existing hair shedding

Used Fortify,mixed with my regular conditioner to help strengthen my hair.Used twice since my purchase and its helping reduce shedding between washes.Recommend to any one looking for home protein hair treatments.

Essential for pre-existing hair shedding

I thought I would try this after reading the list of ingredients and reviews.Used twice overnight before washing and l can say it has really helped in strengthening my hair.Less shedding and I'm feeling confident I've found a product that will help produce some growth that I've been wishing for.

Anoint hair oil

I have found this hair oil to be just what my hair needs. I have just started my second bottle and there has been a marked improvement in my hair growth, especially the edges. I would definitely recommend this product.

Anoint stimulating growth oil

I have been using the anoint stimulating oil for 3weeks, i have extensions so have been using in my scalp. It makes my hair nice & soft & smells lovely, when i take out my extensions will see how much growth there is.