Haircare Mistakes That Cause Bald Patches In Baby’s Hair

Baby's hair care sounds really easy. They have barely any hair to begin with so what's so hard but what you tend to find is babies especially with afro-textured hair, mom's find it really hard to grow their hair out and after a sudden time they start to have patches in the middle of their hair and the moms are going crazy.

How do I fix this? In this series we're gonna talk about how to care for your baby's hair so that you can avoid those terrible patches that we all hate to see and get them having the softest fullest hair of their baby lives.

My Client's Story

Let's get into it with a story about one of my clients. This particular client said it didn't matter how much she tried her baby's hair was just continuously dry and kept on breaking off. She was so frustrated because there were giant patches in the baby's hair and she just did not know what to do.

She was at her wit's end so I started asking her questions. The baby was just a nine year old so I wanted to know exactly how she had been caring for the baby's hair to understand why the baby's hair would be acting this way.

Why would it have so many patches and why would it be dry all the time? She was making the same mistakes a lot of moms make when they have a new-born baby which we're gonna get into.

What Causes Bald Patches In Baby's Hair?

This one fundamental mistake is so crucial to the health of the baby's hair, especially when it comes to afro -textured hair like ours. It is naturally dry. The first thing we need to do as a collective is stop shampooing baby's hair on a daily basis. Don't let shampoos that are geared towards baby's fool you. A lot of those shampoos have some sulphate or the other in them. Even though they say for babies, they're not really suitable. I find that they are too harsh for baby's hair.

Usually when moms have a baby, they tend to wash the baby's hair daily or every other day and that is just way too much for a baby. It's way too much for an adult talk less of a baby. Washing your baby's hair on a daily basis will only strip it of its natural moisture which makes it dry and brittle and will only lead to breakage.

How To Prevent Bald Patches In Baby's Hair

Not washing the baby's hair as often Firstly. You also want to find a shampoo that doesn't contain any sulphate. A gentle shampoo that you use sparingly and not so often. I would actually say maybe once every two to three weeks. Maybe even four weeks before you shampoo your baby's hair because the baby absolutely isn't doing anything.

They just lie down there being happy smiling eating and pooping The baby's hair doesn't really get dirty at this point. So there's really no need to go in and over wash the baby's hair. But of course every baby is different. So you have to learn your baby's hair and when you feel it needs to be Shampooed or not.

Does it have excess oil build-up? Some babies might have, some babies might not but you just have to see for yourself so that you can wash the baby's hair accordingly. I would recommend rinsing the baby's hair with just water if you need to clean it during a break from shampooing.

You could also intermittently (say once a week) put conditioner in the baby's hair and just condition their little curls and rinse that off. 


Please use shampoo in your baby's hair very sparingly and you will find that the baby's hair health begins to bounce back, just like it did for my client.

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