Top 6 Trendy Hairstyles For 2023

Thank God for technology! With every waking minute, a trend is being formed even as we speak. The power of mass consciousness has made everyone ‘woke’ to the possibilities that individualism can breed.

One of the biggest platforms to express yourself by being trendy, classy and effortlessly timeless is the fashion, beauty and hair industries. Here are some of the styles to expect in the year 2023 as far as hair is concerned.

  1. Two-strand twists.

Hands down one of the easiest protective styles to achieve. This style is low in manipulation and promotes hair growth by maintaining the integrity of hair. This style will never go out of style since it is easy to install and even easier to maintain.

  1. Box braids.

It seems we have not seen the last of box braids. Maybe because of how easy they are to style, they are chic and visually appealing. Apart from that, they can be done in any shape, size and even length. A great alternative to the traditional box braids would be the knotless version.

Be on the lookout for unique ways to style your box braids, and rock them for any event whether casual or formal.

  1. Faux locs.

Faux locs are great at adding volume to hair. This look is very bohemian and looks even better the older it gets. It had to be on this list because of how versatile the look is. Apart from having the option to choose the colour, style, length, and size, this look is simply s whole vibe and will be for a while.

It is also a great protective style that can last up to 8 weeks since it looks better as it ages, as earlier stated.

  1. Bobs.

Whether it’s a mid-part bob, classic or a blunt bob, there is something timeless, captivating and domineering about finding the right bob that flatters your face and your outfit. The business- casual look is so eye-catching that it had to make it on to this list.

The easiest way to achieve this look if you don’t want to chop off your hair is to invest in a good wig and have your stylist chop it to the length you like and even bleach or dye to your specifications.

  1. Slicked back ponytails.

With the right amount of gel and the perfect extension for your ponytail, this look can even be achieved at home. Whether you want a full voluminous ponytail, a braided ponytail or a straight one, you just need to sleek down your hair then style your ponytail as you desire.

You can even add a bit more character by laying your edges and adding accessories to it. Voila! You are ready for whatever is coming.

  1. Huge curls.

The 21st century has been a little kind to curly-haired persons. This is when we have truly seen the power of diversity and just how incredibly versatile curly hair can be. When it comes to huge curls, you can buy a wig or let your hair air-dry after a good wash and go and the rest is up to our gravity defining hair to work its magic.

This look is a bit fun and ideal for events that do not require a formal setting. But if you are a bold goddess, flaunt that hair!

In conclusion.

These styles are here for your convenience. Not all of them are protective but they are trendy and can be worn at will. Expect to see some if not all of these styles in 2023 but do not neglect your hair regimen in search of the next big thing

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