Why Does Afro Hair Get So Dry?

Categorically, afro hair ranges in the type 4 family. It is huge, fluffy, brittle, and thin and is not as moisturized naturally as the other hair types. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that although we have been made to feel like there is, and although it is easy to moisturize hair, some afros are a bit too dry. Stick around as we discuss why your hair is dry and what you can do to make it moisturized and shiny. Here are some of the reasons why your hair is dry;

  1. Moisturising improperly

What does it really mean to moisturize improperly? It means you are not drinking enough water, you don’t know how to layer your products and you have no clue what oils do what.

All this can be solved by upholding your water intake. This keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated from the inside out whilst flushing out any toxins.

Ensure that you use a good moisturizing shampoo when cleansing and deep condition every week.

Another way to ensure that your hair is well moisturized is to layer products. Start by knowing your porosity. This helps you know whether to use the L.O.C or the L.C.O method.

Full Bloom Beauty's sealing oils and butters can be used regularly to lock in the moisture in your hair.

  1. It lacks protein

Hair is made up of protein cells called keratin. Apart from protein sensitive hair, lack of protein treatments in your regimen every 4-8 weeks leads to dry, brittle and dull-looking hair. It is prone to breakage and damage due to lack of nutrients.

However, including a protein treatment adds shine, strengthens the hair strands and gives it a shine that it previously did not. To top it up, eat protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meats and fatty fish. You can also look for protein based supplements if necessary.

  1. Too much heat styling

Heat styling is one of the major reasons why your afro is a bit too dry. We all like that sleeked down bone-straight hair not necessarily because of the aesthetic (some of us like texture) but more for making it manageable.

However, heat is a dehydrator. It sucks all the moisture from hair and may weaken hair strands. Hair gets dry faster from the over use of heat tools so you might want to rethink using that blow dryer every single day.

BUT, there are ways you can use heat to your advantage;

  • Only use heat when deep conditioning.
  • Use low heat settings.
  • Do not use heat on dripping wet hair.
  1. Over manipulation

As we’d like to call it, the infamous ‘hand-in-hair syndrome’ plagues us all. The next time you want to touch your hair after styling, remember that it loses moisture every time you touch it.

Install good low manipulation protective styles so you don’t touch your hair often. Don’t constantly touch your hair for no reason and make sure that it stays in long enough to actually protect it.

  1. Split/damaged ends

When was the last time your ends got clipped? Split ends on afro hair may not be as evident as in other types but if you notice your ends are frizzier than normal and can barely stay moisturized, you need to cut them off.

Constant rubbing of clothes and pillowcases are some of the reasons why your ends are splitting. Ends may also split from the fact that they are old so take it easy even when brushing your hair.

Split ends work up the hair shaft making hair frizzier, seemingly dry, and dull-looking and cause damage. Although there is no definite time for when you should trim your ends, go by your salon every few months to see if you need one.

Be generous with moisturizers on your ends as they are old, more fragile and need more moisture than the roots.


Afro hair is delicate in its own way but it has its moments. For starters, it is the most versatile and easiest hair type to style. It is an extension of our spirituality and the reason we are just exceptional.

However, in order to reach the heights of your glory, you should be willing to treat your hair like the crown it is. Learn of ancient essential oils, carrier oils and alternative moisturizers that will change your hair game.

Include natural remedies like honey, and aloe Vera and only feed your hair the best. After all, aren’t you what you eat?

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