Blossom Growth Set

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  • Nourish your scalp & stimulate hair growth

  • Strengthen and thicken your hair follicles

  • Lock in moisture for longer and reduce breakage


3 -in-1 kit to repair, grow and protect your hair:

- Deliverance Pre Poo Oil

- Anoint Hair Growth Oil

- Protect Anti breakage Sealant Oil

Luxurious Hair Oils That Work!

"Full Bloom Beauty has got me feeling like a billion bucks in my natural hair. So lush."


Are You Experiencing Any Of These Hair Problems?

Little or No Edges

I lost my edges after wearing tight hair styles / wigs and they are not growing back

Bald Spots

I've lost a section of my hair and don't know why

Thinning Hair

My hair is getting thinner as I get older

Dry Hair

I struggle to keep my hair moisturised all through the day

Breakage / Shedding

I lose large clumps of hair after combing or brushing

Nothing works

I have tried different hair products but have been disappointed with the results

How The Blossom Growth Set Can Help

Regrow Edges & Bald Spots

Massage Anoint directly into problem areas to improve scalp blood flow, unclog blocked hair follicles, and stimulate hair growth

Strengthen & Thicken Hair

Pre-poo with Deliverance. Formulated with 10 Oils and Ayurvedic herbs to improve the health of your hair and scalp

Reduce Breakage & Shedding

Prevent your hair growth gains from been lost by applying 'Protect' after moisturising to lock in moisture and avoid dry hair

100% Natural & Vegan

All products are specially formulated from plant based ingredients, free of harmful chemicals. Safe and effective to use for all ages

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What Our Customers Say

Safe & Effective Plant Based Ingredients

Organic Avocado Oil

Rich in vitamin D and antioxidants which help stimulate blood flow and unclog blocked follicles

Rosemary Essential Oil

Promotes thickness and hair growth thanks to its ability to improve cellular generation
Baobab Oil 
This super oil contains softening and regenerative properties that help hair reverse dryness and aid in moisture retention

Organic Broccoli Seed Oil

Packed with hair nourishing vitamins C and B6 that make your hair strong and silky smooth
Organic Coconut Oil
Abundant in lauric, capric and caprylic acid which help prevent breakage and fortify your hair strands
Organic Argan Oil 
Rich in oleic and linoleic acids which help prevent dryness, frizz and boost shine

Hair Dresser Amazed By Results

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Repair, Grow & Protect

Sale Off
Blossom Growth Set

Blossom Growth Set

  • Anoint - Hair Growth Oil (50ml)

  • Deliverance - Pre Poo / Hot Oil Treatment (200ml)

  • Protect - Anti breakage, Moisture Sealant & Shine Oil (100ml)


👌 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stimulate Growth

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Anoint Stimulating Hair Growth Oil

Anoint - Hair & Beard Growth Oil For Edges & Bald Spots

  • Anoint - Hair Growth Oil (100ml)


Full Healthy Haircare Regimen

*Max Growth Results & Best Value*
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Ultimate Bloom Set

Ultimate Bloom Set

  • Anoint - Hair Growth Oil (50ml)

  • Deliverance - Pre Poo / Hot Oil Treatment (200ml)

  • Protect - Anti breakage, Moisture Sealant & Shine Oil (100ml)

  • Embrace - Hair Butter (200ml)

  • Cleanse - Sulphate Free Shampoo (250ml)

  • Restore - Moisturising Silicone Free Conditioner (250ml)

  • Fortify - Protein Treatment Conditioner (250ml)


👌 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

🚚 FREE UK Delivery

90 Day Money Back Guarantee 

We are confident that you will see improvements after using our specially designed hair growth bundles. If you don't, we will give you your money back! 

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on the severity of the issue but most people see results in 4-6 weeks when using Anoint consistently.

It's also important that you avoid the root cause of your issue so you can get the best results.

How do I use the Blossom Growth Set?


  1. For best results heat the bottle in a bowl of warm water and shake well before use.
  2. Lovingly massage a few drops into scalp for 5-10 mins, concentrating on any problem areas.
  3. Use at least 2-3 times a week.
  4. Take before & after pictures and measure your hair to monitor your progress.
  1. Divide your hair into sections and dampen hair with water.
  2. Apply deliverance to hair and scalp making sure your hair is fully coated from root to ends, then detangle. 
  3. Twist or braid down each section then cover with a plastic cap when all sections are done.
  4. For Pre-poo: Leave in for as little as 30 minutes or overnight before washing your hair out. For Hot Oil Treatment: Steam for 20mins before washing out. 
  1. Apply after moisturising your hair to lock in moisture for longer.
  2. Begin from your roots and work your way down, pay special attention to the delicate ends of the hair.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

We know a quick delivery is important to you and we are working hard to achieve that but please be patient.

All orders are typically processed and shipped out within 2 business days. Delivery to the UK then takes about 2-3 business working days. You will receive an email with details of how to track your order

Where are you based and can I visit your shop?

We are an online business based in Kent, UK but we ship worldwide. We do not have a shop that you can visit. You can contact us online if you have any queries or need assistance.

Are your products safe for all Adults and Children to use?

Yes, all our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals.

However if you do experience any unexpected effects then stop using the product immediately and contact us.

What if I am not satisfied with the results?

While most of our customers are seeing amazing results with our hair growth bundles, it may take longer for some and may not work for others

Don't worry, you can claim a full refund with our 90 Day Guarantee if you use one of our hair growth bundles correctly and consistently but do not see any improvements after 90 days.

More info on our 90 Day Guarantee and how to claim can be found here

Email us at or chat to us online If you have any questions

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    Blossom Growth Set

    Blossom Growth Set

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