Amanda Gorman’s hair! Let’s talk about it.

Amanda Gorman the newly appointed, youngest ever Poet  Laureate has stolen our hearts here at Full Bloom Beauty.

Twitter was set ablaze when this bronze chested queen graced the stage and recited a poem that will go down in the history books of America. 

She dazzled the crowd at the Biden-Harris inauguration in her bright yellow Prada coat and red headband. Looking regal like the black queen that she is. Her braided updo hairstyle firmly set her as a favourite in our hearts as she fully represented black women and girls from across the country and the world.

Amanda Gorman at Biden-Harris Inauguration

What we love most about Amanda Gorman is that she doesn’t shy away from wearing her glorious crown with all its kinks and coils for the world to see. This blooming beauty has a dry textured mane which requires the right haircare routine and products to keep it looking so afrolicious 😍. 

Amanda Gorman Afro

Pre-poo or hot oil treatments with  an Ayurvedic oil like Deliverance goes a long way in ensuring that your glorious mane is strengthened and your scalp stays nourished to keep it thriving.

Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman

We cannot stress the importance of moisturising and sealing when it comes to dry textured hair. This is where Embrace hair butter and Protect Anti-breakge hair and beard oil come into their own. You will be rewarded with a gorgeous head of hair when you use the right leave in conditioner for moisture and proceed to seal in that moisture with a rich hair butter like Embrace followed by a layer of sealant oil such as Protect.

Protecting your hair while you sleep is equally as important if not more. This is because your precious tresses spend 6 to 8 hours rubbing against your pillow  which causes friction and can lead to hair loss. Fabrics like cotton will absorb all that precious moisture from your hair.  So you need to make sure your precious locks are tucked away in the right sleep wear made from the right fabric like the Secure sleep hair turban. You can be sure this blooming beauty doesn’t go to bed with her hair out, loose and fancy free 😅. 

This blooming beauty has captured the hearts of people round the world as shown by her meteoric rise in Instagram followers from 60K to  3.1m in 3 days. It’s come as no surprise from her numerous achievements and awards all done while being her authentic self. it’s clear to see that she’s all shades of awesomeness. We can’t wait to see what else this amazing young woman has in store for us 🥰. 



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